A Never-Trump group exposed

A Never-Trump group exposed by “White House Brief”

A Facebook commentator and political analyst exposes a never-trump group called Republicans For Rule of Law.

While their name is very attractive to conservatives, their actions prove otherwise.

They are willing to take any road in their mere hatred for Trump.

He also talks about who funds this particular group.

If the video does not play or if you experience any problems, please visit their Facebook page to watch the video

Asia Bibi of Pakistan and Multiculturalism

Here is a video about Asia Bibi, a Christian woman from Pakistan, a “nation of the prophet.” She was accused of blasphemy against the “nation’s prophet” by local/high courts based on statements of three women who hated her simply because of her religion!

Video source: You Tube.

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Asia Bibi under pressure of the people of the prophet

The video is in Hindi but the author does provide short descriptions in English.

The author of this video proves the point I have been making for a long time:

Not all cultures are the same or equal.

What gets me is the intent of the people, the ordinary people of Pakistan who want Asia Bibi hanged for the very accusations their own Supreme Court dismissed (or acquitted in law terminology) after eight/nine years of deliberating. She was on death row for all those years!

Her acquittal is a very big surprise in itself, some have opined.

Remember, it is not some radical person or a radical group but the very people/citizens of the “Nation of the Prophet” that want her hanged on account of accusations alone which the courts dropped for lack of evidence.

How is this not clear to anyone? The citizenry want her dead, immediately!

So much for all the hype about multiculturalism. The only sane aspects of multiculturalism are food, clothes, and possibly music. Everything else is, at the least simply different or drastically opposing to our cultural norms in America or the West in general.